Experiences & Achievements:

2022Actress in the Australian short movie Remi and Julie
Writer/director: Patrick Marion
Role: Julie
2022Actress in the Australian short movie THE ROCKSTAR THAT WASN’T
Writer/director: Blake Spears
Role: Laura (Troy’s ex-lover)
A proof of concept short film and book adaptation – book “HAVOC-06, A Combat Controller on Operations”
Author, Troy Knight, former Special Forces Combat Controller for the ADF
2022Italian script supervisor and non speaking role in the project Source Artemis
Director: Jason Hooker
Production company: Fullpixel Films
2022Covid hold for WorkSafe‘s TV commercial.
2022Actress in the Toyota LandCruiser TVC – Drives us home 30”
2021Actress in the Australian Web Series THE ABANDONED
By Ankush Gupta
Role: Sasha – Leading Role
2021Actress in the Australian featured film SPY
By Natalie Spence
Role: Amelia – Leading Role
2021Actress in the Australian short movie SUGAR
By Nicholas Hadathy
Role: Maeve – Leading Role
2021Actress in the psychological horror short movie VITTIMA
Directors: Cole Smith and Georgia Hogge – Vittima Productions
Role: Vittoria – Leading Role
2020Voice over for the Animated Pilot I GOT A GOAT
Director and creator: Kyan Rowse – SAE Institute
Role: Kat – Leading Role
2020Actress in the short pilot TO BE NAMED
Director: Naomi Civitareale
Role: Lila (Older sibling) – Leading role
2020Actress, Dancer and Choreographer in the Australian musical short LOST IN DIRECTION
Director: Raghu Raman Rajagopal – Rpixels production
Role: Carlotta – Leading Role
2019Actress in the Australian short movie CAFE CHOICE
Director: Puneet Gulati – Sandeep Raj Films production
Role: Waitress – Leading Role
2020Actress and Singer in the Australian short movie THE PERFORMER
By Benito Seguin
Role: Rosa (Performer) – Leading Role
2019Actress in the Australian short movie PLAY ALONG
By Nicholas Hadathy
Role: Amelia (Boss) – Leading Role
2019Actress in the Australian short movie STICKY NOTES
By Sina Salsali
Role: Wife – Leading Role
2019Actress in the Australian short movie LIFE PARTY
By Stephanie Clifford
Role: Party Girl – Speaking Role
2019Actress in the Australian short movie DROP
By Raghu Raman Rajagopal
Role: Sam’s date – Speaking Role

2022Actress in the 6 women play EMBERS
1 act festival Clayton theatre; Foster festival
Writer: Natalie Burns
Director: Colin Williams
2013 2014Leading Female Actress in the Theatrical Production “Canti di Sdegno, Azione e Speranza”, Associazione Poetikanten Theatre Company (IT)

2011Triple Threat Performer in the Musical “Come Connie e Carla” – Dance Performance School Company, Italy
2020Collaboration with musician and producer John Mario (Bedroom Guitarist), Melbourne
2019-2020Collaboration with musician and producer Simon Derasse, 51MON Studio, France
2012- 2017Singer and Songwriter in the Blue Dahlia acoustic duo, Tuscany, Italy
2016Vocalist in the song “Darling”, HERA and KIND dj. DANCE&LOVE Music Label production
2016Guest singer in the rock band Abbey Road Music School band, Tuscany, Italy
2015Voice of various toy commercial jingles – in collaboration with and produced by ISI Produzioni, Tuscany, Italy
2015ISI production releases the official video of the song “Fragile” (23rd Jan), from the Fragile – Charlotte EP (Youtube)
2014Blue Dahlia’s “Solo un Attimo” music video release (17th Mar), available on youtube – independent label publication, Tuscany, Italy
2014ISI production publishes the first official “Charlotte EP”, “Fragile” (9th Mar), on the main Digital Stores (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify…)
2013Publication of the first official Blue Dahlia album, “Solo un Attimo” – independent label publication, Tuscany, Italy
2013Guest singer in the rock band Aurea Sectio, Tuscany, Italy
2013“Largo Al Talento” Music Contest winner with the song “Fragile” and begin of the collaboration with ISI Produzioni Music Label. Tuscany, Italy
2003– 2008Soprano in the Michelangiolo High School Choir, 5 years – Michelangiolo High School, Florence, ItalyConcerts in Tuscany, Italy; Philadelphia and New York, USA

2012Winner of the Poetry Contest “il senso della vita: Giacomo Massoli” (18 Apr 2012), held by AICI Automobile Club d’Italia Ufficio Provinciale di Prato – Tuscany, Italy
2008Publication of the poetries “Certezze eteree” and “Ricerca di un miraggio” in the “i quaderni del Michelangiolo” Anthology (2008) – Michelangiolo High School publication, Florence, Italy
2006Awarded with a third place in the short stories contest “Racconti Brevi 2006”, with the short story “Estate Ghiacciata” – Circolo Dipendenti dell’Ateneo, UNIFI, Florence, Italy (2006)
2004Winner of the Poetry Contest “Premio Letterario Castelfiorentino” (2004), with the poetry “Attesa della libertà” – Castelfiorentino, Italy
1998Winner of the Short Story contest “La Streghetta del Bagolaro” (1998), with the short story “Tom, e il mistero della nonna scomparsa” Florence, Italy