Blue Dahlia

Blue Dahlia acoustic duo

Blue Dahlia is an acoustic duo that has been performing in the Florence music scene from 2012 to 2017. The Blue Dahlia project was born from the simple desire to make music and then evolved into a project aimed at entertaining while sharing love for music with our audience.
A very essential sound to highlight the main features of each single song.

During our concerts we like to propose both original songs and covers from the classics of rock to the most modern trends, all of it in our own original Blue Dahlia style!

In 2013 the first official Blue Dahlia album, “Solo un Attimo”, was published. The “Solo un Attimo” album first sees the light on March 26, 2014 on the stage of the Hard Rock Cafè in Florence, Italy. “Solo un Attimo” fully represents the vision that Blue Dahlia has of music and each note of it expresses the soul and essence of this acoustic duo.

Don’t miss our concerts and all the news on the official Blue Dahlia website at this link: BLUE DAHLIA official website
And here is a free taste of the Blue Dahlia original album: SOLO UN ATTIMO – BLUE DAHLIA

Rock and… acoustic!