Ana Kokkinos Masterclass – Brave Studios (26-27th Oct 2019)
With: Ana Kokkinos

Alba emoting Masterclass – Brave Studios (12-13th Oct 2019)
With: Louise Siverson

Actress in the Australian short movie PLAY ALONG (2019)
Director: Nicholas Hadathy
Role: Boss – Leading Role

Actress in the Australian short movie STICKY NOTES (2019)
Director: Sina Salsali
Role: Wife – Leading Role

Actress in the Australian short movie LIFE PARTY (2019)
Producer: Stephanie Clifford
Role: “Girl” – Extra – Speaking role

Actress in the Australian short movie DROP (2019)
Director: Raghu Raman Rajagopal
Role: Sam’s date
First screened on the big screen at Lorne Short Film Festival – Lorne Short 2019

12 Months ADVANCED ACTING Course – BRAVE STUDIOS, Melbourne (2019/2020).
With: Mark Hennessy, Lyndelle Green, Ana Kokkinos, Rob Meldrum, Anne O’Keefe, Leonardo Canales, Tyler Coppin, Daniela Farinacci, Caitlin Well, Damian Walshe-Howling, Penny McDonald, Megan D’Arcy, Rosie Traynor, Damien Fotiou, Elle Mandalis, Robert (Draf) Draffin.

THE ACTORS WORKSHOP, 8 weeks course – BRAVE STUDIOS, Melbourne (Feb/Mar 2019)
With Lyndelle Green

VOICE COURSE, 6 weeks course – BRAVE STUDIOS, Melbourne (Feb/Mar 2019)
With Rob Meldrum

Screen Acting Techniques, 5 weeks course – NIDA Melbourne (Feb/Mar 2019)
With Nick Simpson-Deeks

Musical Theatre Techniques – NIDA Melbourne (Sept 2018)
With Sonya Suares

Singer/Actor Dance Intensive, triple threat 4 weeks course – The Space Dance and Arts Centre, Melbourne (Oct/Nov 2018)
With Kirsten King, and more

Lyrical and Contemporary dance classes, casual – The Space Dance and Arts Centre, Melbourne (2018/2019)
With Ben Curè and Tristan Sinclair

Music Theatre course, 1 trimester – Australian Institute of Music, Melbourne (May/Aug 2018)
With Daniela Kaleva -singing, Luke Alleva -dancing, Johanna Allen -performance studies, and more

12 Months MOVIE DUBBING Course – MEDIALAB, Florence, Italy (2016/2017)
With Paolo Spennato and Monica Migliori. During this course famous movies and tv series have been re-dubbed by us students, in order to become professional movie dubbers.

Vocalist in the song “Darling” (2016), HERA and KIND dj. DANCE&LOVE Music Label production

Guest singer in the rock band Abbey Road Music School band, Tuscany, Italy (2016)

Vocal Improvisation Masterclasses – 4 Quarti Association, Florence, Italy (Jun/Sept 2016)
With Michela Lombardi (jazz), MilleLemmi (free-style rap), Beatrice Sarti (The origin of the sound), Stefania Scarinzi (jazz)

Book cover Model (2015) – of the poetry book “Il sidro e l’arte di produrlo in terrazza”. Author: Paolo Ragni; Production: Poetikanten Edizioni (IT)

Voice of various toy commercial jingles (2015) – in collaboration with and produced by ISI Produzioni, Tuscany, Italy

ISI production releases the official video of the song “Fragile” (23 Jan 2015), from the Fragile – Charlotte EP (Youtube)

Blue Dahlia’s “Solo un Attimo” music video release (17 Mar 2014), available on youtube – independent label publication, Tuscany, Italy

ISI production publishes the first official “Charlotte EP”, “Fragile” (9 Mar 2014), on the main Digital Stores (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify…)

Actress in the Associazione Poetikanten Theatre Company (2013/2014), Florence, Italy.

Leading Female Actress in the Theatrical Production “Canti di Sdegno, Azione e Speranza”, Tuscany, Italy (2013/2014)

Publication of the first official Blue Dahlia album, “Solo un Attimo” (2013) – independent label publication, Tuscany, Italy

Guest singer (2013) in the rock band Aurea Sectio, Tuscany, Italy

Largo Al Talento” Music Contest winner (2013) with the song “Fragile” and begin of the collaboration with ISI Produzioni Music Label. Tuscany, Italy

Opera Singing, short course – Playloud School, Florence, Italy (2013)
With Susanna Rigacci

Contemporary Piano, short course – Playloud School, Florence, Italy (2013)
With Giacomo Ferrari

AICI Association Masterclasses – AICI Florence Venue, Florence, Italy (Jun/Sept 2012)
Feldenkrais-Alexander; Jazz (“Singing jazz”); Choral (“Singing without a safety net”)
With Tobias Hug, Giuppi Paone and more

Winner of the Poetry Contest il senso della vita: Giacomo Massoli” (18 Apr 2012), held by AICI Automobile Club d’Italia Ufficio Provinciale di Prato – Tuscany, Italy

Singer and Songwriter in the Blue Dahlia acoustic duo (2012 to 2017), Tuscany, Italy

Vocal Power Singing Technique, 1 trimester courseVocal Power Academy, Los Angeles, USA (Oct 2011/Jan 2012)
With Elizabeth Howard

Triple Threat Performer in the Musical “Come Connie e Carla” (2011) – Dance Performance School Company, Italy

Musical Theatre course, 1 trimester – Dance Performance School, Florence, Italy (2011)
With Lorenzo Degli Innocenti (Acting), Livio Nappo (Singing), Donatella Cantagallo and Enzo Pardeo (Dancing)

Contemporary Music, Singing course, 3 years – Accademia Musicale di Firenze, Florence, Italy (2009 to 2011)
With Filomena Menna (Singing) and Michele Vitulli (Singing in a band)

Performing Arts course, summer course, with the collaboration of the Tv channel ROCK TV– Music Village Academy, Merine, Italy (Aug 2009)
With Eva Poles, Paolo Pellegatti and more

Publication of the poetries “Certezze eteree” and “Ricerca di un miraggio” in the “i quaderni del Michelangiolo” Anthology (2008) – Michelangiolo High School publication, Florence, Italy

Awarded with a third place in the short stories contest “Racconti Brevi 2006”, with the short story “Estate Ghiacciata” – Circolo Dipendenti dell’Ateneo, UNIFI, Florence, Italy (2006)

Winner of the Poetry Contest “Premio Letterario Castelfiorentino” (2004), with the poetry “Attesa della libertà” – Castelfiorentino, Italy

Soprano in the Michelangiolo High School Choir, 5 years – Michelangiolo High School, Florence, Italy (2003 to 2008)
Concerts in Tuscany, Italy; Philadelphia and New York, USA

GymnasticsKOSEN Association, Florence, Italy (1995 to 2010)
Competitive Gymnast and Performer in the yearly artistic event “Giravoltando” in Tuscany, Italy.

Winner of the Short Story contest “La Streghetta del Bagolaro” (1998), with the short story “Tom, e il mistero della nonna scomparsa” Florence, Italy