About Carlotta

Curious and ambitious artist, always looking for new opportunities and determined to achieve her goals.
As a fully trained Screen Actress, Singer, and Voice-Over artist, Carlotta is constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve herself as a person and as an artist.

Life is too short to live one life only.

From Lost in Direction (LiD) – musical short film; R Pixels


Carlotta, an artist of Italian descent, embodies curiosity and ambition, constantly seeking fresh opportunities and steadfast in her pursuit of goals. Trained extensively in acting, singing, and voice-over work, she remains committed to personal and artistic growth. Whether tackling sizable productions or smaller projects, Carlotta consistently invests maximum effort, fueled by her profound passion for storytelling and an unwavering readiness for challenges.

Having forsaken familial ties, her homeland, and the security of a conventional future, Carlotta resolutely follows her true calling in the performing arts. Her decision reflects a conscious shift away from fulfilling others’ aspirations, prioritising her own dreams instead. Despite the inherent uncertainties, the gratification of exhausting days on set or on stage reaffirms her conviction that every sacrifice is justified in pursuit of her passion.

Main acting training: Brave Studios, TAFTA and NIDA Melbourne (AU)
Main singing training: Vocal Power Academy, Los Angeles (USA); Accademia Musicale di Firenze (IT)
Main voice-over training: Medialab school, Firenze (IT)